The Icecast status page

The computer where the Icecast (version 1) streaming server is active, will provide a "status page" on the web: any browser, connecting to the server address at the port where icecast is running, will display the status of the server. In this web page we are able to have an overwiew of the streaming status: the streaming currently active on that server, some specific informations about the streaming itself (most useful for a listener is the "mountpoint" name), and a list the connected computer listening to the streaming broadcast.

A listener can, from this page, directly receive the stream clicking with the mouse on the mountpoint name of the desired broadcast!

In order to contact the Icecast status page, with any web browser we simply request the server URL, submitted with the following sintax:


As an example, if we know that the server is running on "", at the port 8000 (this is the default port!), our resulting URL request will be:

In the same way, if the URL of the server is an IP address, instead of a domain name, we will request the web page

If the server is running on the same machine where we act the request from, the resulting URL is, simply, "localhost":


The status page viewed with a web browser

the icecast 1 status page

Informations shown on the status page

Looking at the status page we receive important informations about the stream:

  • in the top part, informations about the server configuration and its status
  • in the middle part, informations about the sources (the broadcaster): the mountpoint (name of the stream, used by the listener's media player to receive the stream) and the total time this connection has been active for
  • in the lower part, informations about the listeners connected to the server: their IP address, the number of bytes received and the total time they have been connected for, and the media player they are useing to receive and listen to the stream